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Gothenburg Airport

This is one of the most famous international airports of Sweden. This airport is providing air flight services towards the Goteborg burg region of Sweden. In 2015 total 7 million passenger travel from this airport from Sweden to rest of the world. This airport is ranked a second largest airport in Sweden after the construction of Stockholm-Arlanda. It is a public airport and can be used by a gay passenger from Sweden to any destination in the whole world without any difficulties or discrimination.

In start, this airport was named and renowned as Goteborg Airport of Sweden. While Landvetter was another famous freight airport which carries huge amount of freight from Sweden to different destinations in the whole world. In 2007 this Landvetter freight airport travels the 60% freight of Arlanda famous city of Sweden. After changing the name f city, it becomes Goteborg Landvetter Airport. Goteborg is now considered as one of the single commercial airports for the passengers of the Sweden.

This airport started its flying operations from 1977.whne the old airport named as Torsalanda Airport situated in north Goteborg transferred towards Landvetter city .After this, the airport expands its area in 2014 to 2015 in this time period the Airport move through construction and upgrading process and after such updates and constructions the airport was reopened in start of2016 for its flight operations .Due to the increasing volume of passenger, every year increase the demand for expansion in the airport to provide better services towards its valued passengers which come from many destinations of the world.

This airport has two different terminals which are dealing with domestic or local departure and arrival and international arrival and departure. Like the other international airports of the world, this airport also has a place for VIP which is known as VIP Lounge which is used by those passengers which preferred to travel through Business class category of different airline flying operations or reserve for Important personalities of Sweden and from other countries of the world.

Currently, 30 different location and international flying companies are performing their operation at hits airport and provide flying facility from Sweden to all destinations of the world. An effective and well-developed transport system is used by this airport to bring passenger towards this airport. For this purpose, Flyngbussrna and Swebus are being used by airport management for convenience and facility of its valued customers. Flyngbussrna and Swebus take an average time of 40 -50 minutes from the city to the airport and from the airport to city.

Besides the above-mentioned features this airport also has the facility of shopping and restaurants also to provide maximum facilities of travel for its valued customers. Facility of hotel booking and taxi at rental services is also available through this airport. This airport maintains a high online service which helps its passengers to make online booking of different airlines from anywhere in the world .Individual can also get information about the departure and arrival time of the different flights domestic and international from all over the world to keep their customer up to date about flight operations g the airport .Airport also has option of feedback on its online web page to get responses of customers and improve operations in light of customers views.

This airport also provides high customer care towards its passenger and provide assistance in case of loss of luggage. Airport takes different arrangement to send the luggage to its owner in as soon as a possible scenario by following a rapid and fast track for this purpose.

Airport Information

Official Name:
Time Zone:
GMT +1.0
Latitude (DD):
Longitude (DD):
Latitude (DMS):
57° 39’ 46" N
Longitude (DMS):
12° 16’ 47" E
Passengers (2017):
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3,299m (10,823ft)
45m (148ft)